You Must Know This So You Can Maintain And Clean Wrought Iron Gates Properly

Wrought iron is one type of material that is good and durable. This material is very often used for exterior needs such as gates, canopies and decorative accessories. As for interior needs, it is usually used for shelves, partitions and other equipment. Wrought iron contains a metal with very low carbon compared to steel, this is what makes wrought iron easier to shape and has a high aesthetic value. However, the slightly rough texture of wrought iron makes it easier to get dusty and dirty, the metal content in wrought iron also causes rust and corrode especially if used for exterior needs. To work around this, the iron can be painted with the right process so that the maintenance process will be much easier. So for that, here are some treatments that must be done to clean classic wrought iron gates and wrought iron electric gates.

If you plan to repaint, then the process of cleaning the wrought iron will be more complex, especially if there are parts of the previous paint peeling off.

– Remove loose paint by using a paint scraper
– Make sure you clean all the paint residue
– Use a wire brush to clean the peeling paint faster, especially for small crevices.
-After all the previous paint is clean, then you can use sandpaper to remove rust from the exposed wrought iron surface.
– Next, you can clean all parts by using water to remove the remaining paint and dust.

For a high-pressure spraying process, it can be an ideal choice if the metal piece has a large amount of peeling paint, such as on classic wrought iron gate parts which generally have many detailed ornaments.

So using this high-pressure spray will make the paint peel off more easily and make it easier to clean areas that are hard to reach using other methods.

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