Removing Stains And Dirt On Bathroom Tiles

Dirty and crusty bathroom tiles is not a pretty sight. However, making dull tiles shine again without the help of the Carpet Cleaners North Shore service is not that easy. Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that could not only harmful to the tile but also for humans. But you do not have to worry because you could also maintain the shine of bathroom tile with a natural material like baking soda. Although in stores there are fluids available for cleaning ceramics, most of these liquids are chemicals that contain acids. Even though the acidic cleansing solution is not much, but if it is used too often it will certainly damage the coating on the ceramic itself, as a result, the color on the ceramic is not shiny anymore.

Indeed, the benefits of acidic substances will usually clean up stains that have stuck to ceramics quickly. But, there are safer and cheaper materials. The ingredient is baking soda mixed with toothpaste or toothpaste. After mixing, the wet cloth that has been given a mixture of baking soda with toothpaste is wiped onto the ceramic surface. When wiping should be done slowly, the most important stains or dirt that makes this dull ceramic can be lost. Meanwhile, if there is oil or the like spilled in ceramics, it should be cleaned immediately. The reason is, if left just like that can make a dull stain.

Meanwhile, if you clean bathroom tiles that are affected by oil or oil spills by using water, surely the traces of oil will remain and make the bathroom floor slippery. The safest and simplest way is to spread flour on the floor. let it absorb the flour. The last step, clean it by using a dry cloth and clean, then rinse with a floor cleaning products. Another way to clean bathroom ceramics especially to restore a dull color can be by mixing it yourself. First of all, prepare soap for washing dishes and hot water. Mix the hot liquid with dishwashing soap. After that, just wipe the floor with the mixture to a surface that has a dull color.
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