Atletico Madrid Don’t Want Antoine Griezmann

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo said his side would not bring Antoine Griezmann back from Barcelona. The way Griezmann left Atletico is said to still leave a wound in the hearts of the people. Cerezo even considered Griezmann not the right player to trade with midfielder Saul Niguez. In order to see 해외죽구중계, visit us.

Spanish media said that Cerezo and Atletico Madrid fans were still hurt about Griezmann’s move to Barcelona two seasons ago. In fact, a year earlier the French footballer signed a new contract with Atletico. He also had time to release a video documentary entitled La Decision. In the video, Griezmann briefly explained his decision to reject Barcelona and chose to stay at Atletico, which was currently receiving a ban on buying new players from UEFA.

The video was again the subject of conversation by Atletico supporters when Griezmann joined Barcelona. They considered him a traitor. After two seasons at Barcelona, Griezmann faces uncertainty. Barca president Joan Laporta has confirmed that his side are considering selling the 30-year-old.

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